KK 40 Mill-Sized Baler

A modern machine designed to be user friendly with minimum maintenance. This machine produces a mill size bale (weight 450 kg) and is ideal for a large amount of recyclable material. Features include retaining claws to reduce spring back, large loading aperture for easy loading of cardboard boxes into the baler and fully automated bale ejector to simplify the removal of bale.

Suitable applications Paper,Card, Plastic, Cloth,Polystyrene, 5 Litre Paint Tins, PET Bottles
Width 1781 mm
Depth 1196 mm
Height 3000 mm
Weight 1300 kg (approx.)
Transportation Ht 2300 mm
Power Supply 380 – 400 V (three phase)
Motor 11 kW 32 Amp
Pressing Force up to 25 Ton
Noise Level 75 decibels