Compliance Scheme

Many companies are now subject packaging recycling targets set by the Environment Agency. The Eurokey Group now operates its own registered compliance scheme to help companies meet these targets.

Why Choose Eurokey?

We generate Perns, so when you buy from us you are paying one less margin.  Compliance Schemes do not operate at zero cost.

When Perns are hard to get- we can guarantee your tonnage, and at a competitive rate. We generate most types of Perns and have positive relationships with Reprocessors.

ALL revenue generated from compliance is spent on increasing our Recycling Capacity. We also publish  how we spend the revenue.

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Our packaging and recycling staff can now offer expert advice on your companies legal requirements and provide you with legal certification to enable you to fulfil your companies legal requirements. 

From a full Audit to just supplying the Perns, we can help.

We are registered to issue Aluminium, Steel, Plastic and Paper PERNs. So why not buy from source and save money?

We also have strong relationships with Wood and Glass Recyclers. 

The UK Packaging Compliance Scheme.

In 1997 the UK government introduced a scheme which would levy a charge on companies that used packaging materials. This was to conform to EEC targets for recycling. The stipulation was that they had to have a turnover in excess of £2 million and that they used more than 50 tonnes of packaging materials. 
The targets for individual companies are based on a number of factors. Type of material (glass, paper, aluminium, steel, plastic, wood and general) and there are individual targets for each type of material based upon Government targets which are set annually. The current year's figures are based upon last years actual tonnage used.
The Environment Agency produce an electronic calculator available on their web site on an annual basis.

Each company has to declare this to the regulating board, The Environment Agency and submit a business plan which declares their materials and tonnage breakdown together with how they are going to produce the evidence for their obligation.
Companies have an option of purchasing the evidence directly from a Recycling Company or join a Compliance Scheme which will charge them a fee and manage this process on their behalf.

Companies/ Compliance Schemes obtain this evidence by buying Packaging Recovery Notes (PERNs) from Recycling Companies. They issue these based upon actual packaging materials recycled. These tonnages are recorded on The Environment Agency's data base on a monthly basis.
The protocol for claiming Perns is very strict and every Recycling Company is audited by the Environment Agency on an annual basis and there is also a requirement to have your individual system independently audited.

The price for the Pern is based on supply and demand and varies throughout the year. The more tonnage available the lower the price and less tonnage less of a price.
E.g. this year steel has varied from £6 to £30 per tonne. Plastic has been £20 to £4 per tonne.

Civil Sanctions

In 2010 the Environment Agency also introduced Civil Sanctions that allows civil penalties to be issued rather than take criminal court cases for lesser offences. Enforcement Undertakings (EU) are expected to be the most commonly used Civil Sanction for Packaging Regulations offences.

If you are obligated and haven’t registered or are facing an EA investigation for non-registration, you can offer an EU to avoid facing prosecution. If you self-report a suspected offence, this is seen as proactive and can count in your favour.

Under an EU, you will be expected to:

  • Cease offending, by registering with a compliance scheme or directly with the EA
  • Ensure the offence doesn't happen again
  • Put forward monetary compensation for the savings that have been achieved by not registering.
  • Pay the compensation to an environmental good cause of their choice (this can't benefit the offender


Eurokey will be happy to help you with understanding the legislation and help you to complete an EU. For more information or assistance please contact 

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