Eurokey shows support to Ukraine with donations surpassing €20,000

Eurokey show support to Ukraine with donations surpassing €20,000

Earlier this year when the news broke about the war in Ukraine, staff at Eurokey rallied together to raise funds for donations to help to those that were most in need. With a facility located in Poland, a neighboring country to Ukraine, there were many personal connections from staff into Ukraine which strengthened the team’s appetite to show its support.

Eurokey, part of Reconomy Group, worked alongside other businesses in the Group such as Advanced Supply Chain Group who supported by setting up logistics and collection points at their depots. Other part of the Group in the UK along with some local schools put forward donations which the team at Eurokey collected and distributed.  These UK based donations were taken to Vita History Foundation who had been driving into different towns in Ukraine dropping off supplies.

A Rally-Up page was set up for wider fundraising, which generated over 20,000 euros and was used to purchase and deliver goods to various charities and communities. The beneficiaries included:

  • Fundacja Happy Kids, housing 150 orphan children and Fundacja GRUPY Pomagamy providing accommodation for 60 plus people which we donated essential supplies to
  • Beds, heaters and other goods were delivered to Fundacja olne Zycie, Zajazd Kacper and Gimma Goleniow for Ukrainian refugees. This included blankets, towels, sofas, tables, sleeping mats.
  • Deliveries of microwaves, kettles and refrigerators went to Wojewódzki Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji, where over 100 Ukrainian refugees are housed and Gmina Miasteczko Krajenskie who were housing 60 Ukranian refugees.
  • Food packages were delivered to Stowazyszenie Warto pomogadac Zielona for a uk. Dolna 6. Translated this means worth to help association.


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Charity representative, Ludmila commentedWe would like to thank you warmly for the gifts given to the residents of the Kacper Inn in Nowe Miasteczko. Fleeing the war, we left our whole life and everything temporal in Ukraine. Thanks to your help, we can begin another stage in our lives with dignity, and your presence makes us believe in another human being. We are grateful for the good you have shown”.

John Dhillon, Managing Director at Eurokey commentedThe news about Ukraine hit a lot of our team emotionally and we had no hesitation in pulling resources together to try and help those that had been affected by the war. We felt it important to show support and we set up a company-wide effort to raise funds and personally deliver goods. The team have done an amazing job and I am so proud of what they have achieved and the difference they have made to the Ukrainian communities and refugees. I would like to thank everyone who donated and supported us, it was greatly appreciated”.