Recycling services

Our ambition, alongside those of our customers, is to conserve resources by maximising their life as much as possible.

Many countries, like the UK, currently lack the infrastructure to recycle all the plastic material they produce within a closed-loop system. This recycled material often must be transported to reprocessors in other regions. Eurokey strives to reduce the distance travelled by routing waste material to the closest possible facilities.

Our new reprocessing facility in Kettering, UK, which opened this year, sorts plastic waste from all UK customers to ensure a close proximity to the source of where the plastic waste material is produced. We have been fully accredited to export plastics and cardboard since 1995.

What is closed-loop recycling?

Closed loop recycling is the process of leveraging the recycling and reuse of products and their packaging to supply the material used to create a new product or version of the same product – which is circular, using materials again and again compared to a linear take, make, dispose of the process that relies on using virgin materials to make products each time.




Closed-loop recycling services

At Eurokey we offer a fully transparent closed-loop service, turning back-of-store plastic packaging back into products for supermarkets to use again, giving it another life.

We already use a number of end markets to maximise the life of materials. Examples of this are:

  • Rigid food trays recycled back into trays
  • Plastic packaging recycled into carrier bags or rubbish sacks
  • Flexible plastic waste such as clear stretch-wrap and shrink-wrap film is recycled in reusable, recyclable bags for life with 100% recycled content.

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