Eurokey visit St Peter’s school in Kettering

We were delighted to be able to visit St Peter’s school in Kettering and talk to over 100 pupils about recycling and the work we do at our local Eurokey facility, which processes waste films and plastics from the supermarket industry.

Students ranging from 5 – 11 years old were given a short presentation from Eurokey’s Business Development Manager Ed Smith before being given the opportunity to ask any questions they had about Eurokey’s facility or recycling in general.

Ed was extremely impressed with the children’s knowledge saying: “St Peter’s clearly places a lot of emphasis on the environment and has its own well established and popular Eco-Team. It’s great to have the opportunity to engage with children of this age as they are both the recyclers and employees of the future. They were all keen to learn and find out how they can recycle more, which gives you real hope for the future.”

Eurokey is capable of processing over 70,000 tonnes a year of supermarket films and flexible plastics returned by customers including packaging from bakery and confectionary products, bags from prepared salads and crisp packets.  The high degree of automation at the site comprises the latest recycling technologies which bring a unique focus on the processing of polymers including PET, HDPE, LDPE. As a result, the quality of materials recovered far exceeds those achieved by more general recycling facilities.