Our facilities
for multi polymer plastic packaging sorting

This facility is a bespoke operation that is a world first and can sort multi-polymer plastic packaging


State-of-the-art recycling lines

We are a global business, providing state-of-the-art recycling lines.

Our latest reprocessing facility in Kettering, UK, opened in 2022, and sorts plastic waste for our UK customers, whilst our new facility in Northern Poland serves our European partners.

We increase the value and prolong the useful life of the plastic material we collect through our bespoke sortation process.



Enhanced sorting speed through industry-leading automation

What differentiates our process is the automation and speed at which we can process waste materials, enabling the material to be efficiently sorted and sent to end markets for reprocessing throughout the day.

Our UK facility is capable of processing up to 70,000 tonnes of material per year, going through various automated infrared and robotic sorting lines. Our team is committed to continuously improving the quality of our service by diligently checking the quality of all waste material at each stage of the process.