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We are passionate about maximising recycling

for supermarkets across the UK and Europe

Eurokey is a specialist waste processing services provider focused on plastics and other recyclable materials.

Our business is geared up to maximise the value of recyclable plastic by bringing to market high-grade material that can be used to manufacture new products. The material that we manage is tracked from the point of collection and dispatched by licenced waste carriers until it reaches an accredited reprocessing facility.

We have built strong relationships with accredited reprocessing facilities and are well positioned to identify the best routes and end markets for our customers’ waste materials. In some cases when material quality is low, a small percentage does not currently have a recycling route, but we continue to work on new innovations and technologies to be able to recycle this material in the future. We do not send any material to landfill and only a very small percentage of the material is determined to be non-recyclable and goes to waste to energy.


Innovative processing facilities

Our new reprocessing facility in Kettering, UK, which opened in 2022, sorts plastic waste from all UK customers.

The investment of £15m in Kettering by Reconomy Group and Eurokey supports our goal of closing the global circular economy loop. We have a pipeline of projects to further bolster the UK’s recycling infrastructure, ending our reliance on exporting soft plastic for recycling purposes and supporting our long-term ambition of increasing the UK’s onshore capacity to sort soft plastic. We continue to work closely with our European partners to reduce the distance materials need to travel and the number of facilities the materials pass through.

For our European customers, our wholly-owned facility in Poland receives and sorts materials into graded bales. The sortation process is vital in ensuring recycling opportunities are maximised, and lower-grade materials are not contaminating higher-grade materials.